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Booking General booking for our Autumn term will open on Tuesday 5 September 2017.  Founded in the 19th and early 20th centuries, the 6 colleges that make up the university have international reputations in a range of creative fields. Colleges have their own galleries, as does the central university Student Hub, and art shops with discounted materials are available across the university and colleges.

The natural sciences are devoted to studying the natural world through applied science and scientific methodology to examine reality, steward our planet’s natural resources or improve the human condition. Here at Drexel, we work with your strengths, expand your capabilities, and give you the tools, resources, and experiences you need to fulfill your passion for arts and of arts

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Since the arts represent the era from which they come, often the message centers on a reflection of the society at the time. With more than 97,000 works of art spanning the world of art from antiquity to the present, the Princeton University Art Museum is one of the finest university art museums in the of arts

Now in its 31st year, American Celebration features two nights of dazzling entertainment from a cast of over 100 talented students from the award-winning College of Performing Arts featuring live orchestra in fully produced scenes from some of Broadway’s most memorable shows.