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Why You Should Go to Cork and Canvas

You’ve probably heard about painting nights, or seen them on social media. Maybe you’re learning about them just now. In either case, welcome to one of the most fun and rewarding activities around! We set you up with paint, brushes, canvas and a drink. You are then taken, step by step, through how to do your painting. We even clean up for you once your painting is done. Since our aim is to make sure you have a good time, there’s no pressure to be perfect. The goal is to get away from it all with paint!

It begins with you, and continues with us. We are talented artists here to guide you through the painting process. Relax and create as we take you through the process of painting your artwork. You’ll enjoy our fun, positive atmosphere.

Painting nights are great for groups. Since anyone can do this, it includes everyone. You’ll have help along the way. We get you through that first step of putting paint on canvas, and help you create something you’re sure to like. If you need an activity for everyone to enjoy, this is it. Since we take photographs of you doing your artwork, you can enjoy the moment and relive the experience later on.

We’re also fun for date nights. Why stare at a movie screen together when you can paint instead? It’s more conversational and creative. Studies show that couples who try new things together are happier in their relationships. Brush the boredom away by joining us and painting. Bring home your matching paintings to hang as a duo!

Come for the experience and leave with something beautiful. Customize your painting to match or go with the colors in your home. The memories attached will make it more special than generic wall art you’d find in a store. You’ll have the pride of having created something. Keep it for yourself or give it away as a gift. You’ll leave with a finished piece of artwork at painting class Auckland.

Let your creativity and imagination come to life. Many people are lacking an outlet through which to express themselves. Between work, housework, commuting and grocery shopping, it can be hard to fit in fun. It can be hard to get started with painting, or you may have a fear of failure. With our help, you’ll succeed and have a good time. Even if you are painting the same subject as the rest of the class, your painting will have its own look. Think of it as your “fingerprint.” It’s fun to see what you end up expressing on canvas, and you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised. It has been shown that activities like painting are beneficial to your health. It lowers stress levels and makes you feel happier.

Come to us for creative fun! You’ll have an enjoyable evening and leave with something amazing. Leave behind all the usual entertainment ideas. We’re waiting for you sit down, have a drink, and make your mark.