supports and arts

The Indigenous Visual Arts Industry Support program helps fund the operations of around 80 Indigenous-owned art centres, and a number of art fairs, regional hubs and industry service organisations that are at the heart of Australia’s world-famous Indigenous visual art movement. In many cases, neither pre-service nor in-service teachers have the knowledge, inclination or the time to attempt integrating arts into the curriculum. Through their participation in the arts students gain intelligence, leadership and motivation and this is shown in the classroom.

The percentage of American households donating private funds to the arts also declined by almost 9 percent. It makes decisions about which organisations and projects to fund independently of government (‘at arm’s length’) which means there is no question of any political involvement in arts funding decisions.supports and arts

Program Organisation Funding is available to support arts organisations that provide a program of activity enabling the ACT community to have access to and engagement with the arts. We want to encourage private donations, including through the tax system, and to support arts and cultural organisations to increase the range and effectiveness of their own fundraising.supports and arts

Fonds Darstellende Künste (Performing Arts Fund) supports performing arts productions across Germany. The Armadale Arts Festival is a creative program of live music, urban art, dance, literature and arts and crafts, all showcasing the incredible talent coming from this region, proudly brought to you by the City of Armadale.

Highlighting communities throughout the state that are being transformed through the arts. Equally, every year, new and exciting arts projects are established and look to RTÉ to help with getting the word out. The legislation commends the NEA for its work with active-duty military populations and supports the expansion of its healing arts program to additional clinical care sites.supports and arts